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What’s new in a.k.a.® Information Governance




Work Trays
A Work Tray is a place where users can add shortcuts to items, to create work lists. This feature enables users to create multiple work trays, list items, open items, edit items, report and remove items in the work tray, subject to access and permissions.

Library Alias
An Alias is a shortcut (or reference) to an item, which enables the item to ‘appear’ in multiple folders within the a.k.a.® library.

Item Overview
Count Report provides an overview of the Library and Architect Module which shows the number of Entities, Folders, Items and Relationships in the current database; which can be exported to a CSV file. 

XSLT Wizard Theme Designer
This new feature enables theme designing has been added to XSLT Wizard in Exchange+ Module. User can change the colours, font and size of body text, headings, borders of the XSL Template that can be used in Interactive Report. The designed theme can be saved to a.k.a.® database for reusing in the future.

Audit Trails Purge
This new feature allows users to purge current Audit Trails with a specific time range or everything from the database. This will keep the database size small and improve its performance.

Built-in Report Wizard
A new wizard has been created for Built-in Report in Design Module, Library Module and Architect Module to replace existing functionality for generating report.

Rich Text Field editor
A new button to open a bigger editor has been added to all RTF (Rich Text Field). This will expand the field for better editing experience with long text.

Other Changes


  • Improve Database backup & restore speed
  • Improve XML export performance
  • Improve Drag & Drop Hierarchical Scheme building functionality
  • Improve loading speed of large Hierarchical Scheme
  • Field caption is used in Design Module (field name without space was used previously)
  • Correct error with DropBox Login form




New import and export locations
DropBox, OneDrive and SharePoint have been added to a.k.a.® online. This option allows users to upload and download files from their personal cloud storage with ease.

XML report splitter
New functionality to split the XML file into multiple files has been added to the XSLT Wizard for Interactive Reporting in Exchange Plus Module. This will enable large databases to load faster.

Selective export
An option to select branches has been added to the XML Export and CSV Export (hierarchical relationship only) in the Architect Module. This option gives user control of what items will be exported from the a.k.a.® Scheme.

Cut & Paste tree branch within a scheme
New functionality for cutting and pasting items and branches in a scheme has been added to the Architect Module.

Copy & Paste tree branch to a different scheme
New functionality for copying and pasting items and branches from a scheme to another scheme has been added to the Architect Module.

Restore database directly from ZIP file
New functionality to restore a database directly from a zipped backup file has been added into the Administrator Module.

Other Changes

Library global spell check wizard
A new wizard has been created for global spellchecking in the Library Module which allows users to specify folders for checking.

SharePoint integration wizard
Two new wizards for uploading to and downloading from SharePoint have been created in the SharePoint Module to replace existing functionality.

HTML publish wizard
A wizard for publishing Schemes to the Web using HTML has been created in the Exchange Module, replacing existing functionality.


  • Added a prompt before upgrading older databases
  • Added a prompt before importing data from XML and CSV
  • Added an option to export item with empty value in Library CSV export
  • Corrected some buttons’ tool tips
  • Fixed problem with loading schemes in nested folders in Architect module
  • Fixed problem with CSV export not filtering folders correctly in Library module
  • Improved database backup and restore speed
  • Replaced all Windows message boxes with a.k.a.® themed message boxes